Relationships 101 - How to Save Your Relationship

Did you know that most relationships can be saved, no matter how hard the breakup was? There are cases when people shouldn't try to save their relationships, like when there is an abusive partner. But most cases have the potential to be fixed, and you already have the skills to save your relationship.

The main problem is that people usually give up too soon. People get angry or upset after a breakup and lose sight of what happened in the past. Look back in time....if you were having a good relationship at one point, it is very possible that you can bring it to be that way again. You have to decide if your relationship really is worth saving.

To cause even more problems, sometimes one person is ready to work hard at saving the relationship, but the other person can't look past the bad to remember the good times. And is it enough for just one person to work at the relationship?

It is possible, but not easy.

It's hard to stay optimistic when your ex isn't willing to work with you at all at trying to fix the problems. It might seem like you are fighting a losing battle.

Here's an important tip though: you have to keep working at it!

Even if the relationship doesn't heal, it will make you a better person. But if you keep working at it, then you have a good chance of getting back together. You can't just give up the moment things start to look bad.

It's important to remember the way you behaved at the start of your old relationship and compare that to how you are behaving now. Try to adjust your behavior so you are acting the way you used to when the relationship was still in good shape. Be thoughtful and be a good friend and work things out nicely instead of begging your ex to come back.


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