Online dating safety tips!


Online dating tips are a dime a dozen, but like road safety signs, you have to pay attention to them. We all think that we are smart enough not to give out too much information, but internet predators have ways of getting this information out of the most savvy person. It is important that you take note of every tip that you see, because all of them will be helpful to you at some point down the track.

Your profile is the most important part of your online dating, so you have to spend a lot of time making sure it is the most accurate representation of you. Most online dating tips centre on the profile, and it is here where you should be paying the most attention.

Make sure that you are honest in your profile. It sounds easy, but sometimes we can be caught up in little white lies about ourselves that we wish were true. To avoid falling into this trap, read and reread your profile carefully two or three times.

Have you put your age, or an age range? Have you given your job title, or the title of the job you think you'll be getting next promotion? Have you said your weight, or the weight you're sure you'll be down too within a couple of weeks? If you're having trouble, think to yourself "would I be turned off if I saw this in someone else's profile?"

The next most important online dating tip about your profile is about the picture that you include. First of all, make sure it is a current picture. One taken as close to the creation of the profile is best. Even if you don't think you've changed that much in the past few years, choose a current photograph.

A lot of people don't like having photographs taken, so the resulting image is one where they are nervous or wearing a false smile.

For your online dating profile, make sure to post a picture where you are calm and happy. You might think you look best in a paid for glamour shot, but it's always better to include a photograph of you being yourself, rather than one where you are posed. A photo of you playing your favourite sport or cooking on a barbeque is going to get more interest than one of you standing still or posing on a chair.

Make sure to keep these online dating tips close to you when you create your profile.


Be Prepared - Online Dating


Create a list of objectives for starting to date online. Be completely honest with every expectation. If you only want to meet new people as friends, then list it as only possible friendship. If you want to meet someone to have a relationship with, then narrow the topic to the exact types of relationship you are seeking. The relationship scene can range from dating, short term to long-term relationships, and to even marriage.

On the list, include any habits that are not appealing. Some people do not want to be with a smoker, a drinker, or a drug user. List anything like those examples and include them on the profile. Stick to the criteria when creating the profile and state you do not want anyone with those habits. If you do this though, you will limit the number of people who will contact you. As there is no Eden, you should be willing to be friends with some of the people who have bad habits or habits you don't agree with!

Another preference has to do with children.

Many people have children living at home with them or in their lives. Consider seriously how you feel about meeting someone with children and if you want to have that included in any kind of relationship. If you have children, the same needs to be stated of having children. Not everyone wants a relationship that includes children.

If you are seeking marriage, take into consideration if the person you are seeking wants to have children or extend their current family by any children you may have. This is a major stress factor and problem in many relationships. One party wants children and the other does not. Or the children from the different partners do not get along. Think seriously about how children will affect the relationship before you jump in with both feet!

Select a good photo of high quality to use on the profile. Realize the number of people who are looking at the photo so make sure it is a great one that will show your best side. If you do not have a good photo, an easy way to get one is to buy a disposal digital camera for about . Have someone take a few pictures for you. Have the pictures developed; the pictures will be put on a CD for easy accessibility to downloading on a computer. Select a good picture and use it on your profile.

There are relationships created in different locations. Think about the distances before becoming too serious. If the relationship progresses into marriage someone is going to have to relocate. Be prepared for having to move in the future if this is the case!

By preparing a list of things wanted and desired from online dating, you will be prepared for any situation that is presented in the future.

Online Dating Perks


Imagine being able to choose exactly who you were compatible with: down to hair and eye color, height, shared interests and quirks. Now picture yourself finding more than one person who matches your ideal dream partner. This is exactly what the best online dating service can do for you.
Gone are the days when mom-and-dad chose your partner and the family had to make the decision of who was best for you.

Bar-hopping to find the perfect soul mate can be overrated as well, and may result in finding your so-called Mr./Ms. Right who happens to sit on your number for a month.

Before you get the idea that dating online is for introverts who struggle to get a date, there are many perks to finding a date online:

o It is easy to find people who are single, just like you! compares online dating services like True, that screen daters to see if public records match their posted marital status.

No need to worry if John has a wife at home and claims he's single and looking.

o It's cheaper to date online in the beginning: For the cost of subscription fees to an online dating service, you probably would have spent that amount on just two cocktails plus tip on a date!

o No need for uncomfortable silence on a date; you only meet those you truly make a connection with.

o Less confusion: Ever been in a situation where you wonder if she likes you as much you like her? Online dating eliminates these feelings because you are free to talk to as many people as you want, when you want.

o Looks aren't the first thing your potential partner will see. Sure, they may see a photograph of you, but if you're having a bad hair day, so what?

o There's always a new singles pool: Forget trying to impress the same guy at your job who hasn't given you the time of day for three years: find new, fresh faces through Internet dating.

If you feel you are up for the challenge to find "the one" on the Internet, your best bet is to try an online dating service and make a profile on one of the top dating sites. Hey, nothing beats a first date where you're allowed to wear your pajamas and no makeup.

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Memorable Online Dating Profiles


Online dating profiles are the equivalent of meeting someone in person in terms of representing yourself and what it is that you are interested in.

The sites we have mentioned all make creating a profile fairly easy, with prompts and questions. They also show examples of effective profiles.

Experts agree that keeping it simple and being honest are two of the most important factors in creating a profile. But creating a power profile takes more than that, David DeAngelo, author of the program Meeting Women Online says that your profile is like a "vending machine, put in the right location where there are hungry people going by, and it can make you money 24/7."

Your Online dating profile acts in the same way, and David's program offers years of experience and proven techniques on creating profiles that get constant attention, as well as other winning strategies for dramatically improving your Online dating response rate.

Remember what your folks taught you about first impressions? It still matters Online.

We will be covering more of David's strategies in later chapters but a simple tip he mentions that guys often overlook when writing a profile is to use Spell-check.

You do not have to be Earnest Hemmingway when writing a profile, but obvious spelling errors make you look lazy - a definite turn-off to women.

You really want to make sure that you can present yourself in the best possible light, while maintaining the honesty and sincerity of who you are. There is no sense in creating a false image of yourself if you are serious about eventually making the transition from online dating to offline meetings.

1.) Create a Positive Self Image

Avoid using negative wording, such as hate, not, never, etc.

As obvious as this may seem, many online profiles are filled with negative statements that are naturally overlooked by potential partners who aren't interested in getting involved with someone who has a negative outlook on life.

By focusing on positive reflections and phrasing, you will be able to create an appealing profile that attracts a large number of possible mates, as well as ensuring that the people who contact you are equally as positive.

Example of positive versus negative phrasing:

Positive: 'I prefer women who love the outdoors".

Negative: 'I hate women who never like to go outside.'

2.) Describing Yourself

When it comes to summarizing your likes, dislikes, and essentially who you are, you want to describe yourself in the most appealing way possible, while once again, being honest.

Balance this out by showcasing your interests, and describing why you'd make a great partner, while avoiding coming across as someone who is egotistical or self involved.

Confidence is exceptionally attractive but you need to make sure that you are approachable, and that those reviewing your profile will feel that they could be comfortable with you.

3.) Be Memorable

When it comes to online dating, there are literally thousands, if not millions of profiles available online. You need to make sure yours stands out in a positive way.

The more information you can provide about yourself and you're your lifestyle, the better.

Instead of summarizing your interests, take the time to provide a thorough, detailed overview of what you are all about. Use creative wording and detailed phrasing so that you can give people a real, solid idea of who you are.

Example: Rather than simply stating that you like music, describe the exact type of music you like, as well as specific artists or genres.

The same goes for sports, hobbies or other interests.

The more detailed you are, the more likely you're your profile will receive a lot of exposure and attention from potential mates who would rather contact someone who isn't afraid to provide a lot of information about themselves, versus those with very short profiles that fail to offer useful information.

4.) Keep Your Profile Updated

Once you create your profile, you will want to make sure that should your situation change, you update your information accordingly.

Since many online dating sites will display the date of the last log in as well as the last time the profile was modified, keeping it fresh and updated will show that you are still actively involved in the dating community, and are still looking for potential partners.

5.) Keep it Simple.

Keeping your profile on target and focused is extremely important. While you want to provide as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable with, you also want to avoid running off with long paragraphs or repetitive phrasing.

Since people tend to skim over profiles that are too lengthy, you need to balance out providing enough information to attract interest with ensuring that it doesn't take the reader a lot of time to digest the information you're offering.

6.) Take Your Time With Your Profile

If you are serious about finding potential mates online, you need to take time when creating your profile. The most successful online dating members have spent hours tweaking their profiles over the course of their time participating within the communities.

Remember, your profile is the single most important element in regards to your online dating account, as it is the digital representation of who you are.

This is where people find you, decide to contact you, or skip you over simply because someone else has taken the time to craft a more detailed, entertaining and useful profile page.

Consistently update your profile as you find time. Add in new photos of yourself, and do your best to keep it interesting, light and of course, informative.

If you struggle creating your profile, spend some time browsing through the community and looking over other profiles to help you become familiar with the profile layout, as well as be able to generate fresh ideas on what you should include and perhaps, what should be left out.

A well through out, carefully planned profile shows, and will maximize your chances of finding that perfect partner.

7.) Photos Are Very Important

Looks may not be everything, but the fact of the matter is Profiles without pictures just do not get the kind of traffic that those with pictures do, according to women are 8.5 times more likely to look at your profile if it has your snapshot.

And members in general with photos get up to 15 times more overall attention than those without one. But you picture doesn't have to be formal.

Remember this is not a job interview; we are out here to have FUN. Don't be afraid to be a little whimsical and show your humorous side, but don't be too silly or goofy as that can turn some women off.

The number one rule when it comes to posting a picture on your profile is to just be sure to use one that is an honest representative of your real looks so there are "no surprises" in real life.

Most Online experts agree not to choose a photo that is overtly sexual or provocative, (unless of course that is what you are looking for, on one of the adult sites we talked about).

It is better to err on the side of being conservative, you can always post something a little sexier later if you desire, but it's hard to take back something that may have made the wrong initial impression.

Since all of the recommended sites offer some type of Free Trial membership that allows you to test the waters a bit, take the time to play a little until you find the one that is right for you, before you make the commitment of a paid subscription.

Online Dating Hazards


Online dating is no different that anything else, there are hazards. But, if you are aware of the hazards before getting involved, you will be fine.

1. Avoid the dating sites that will not offer you an initial free trial. That is a sure sign that their site is substandard, and they want to make sure they get your money up front.

2. The site must (absolutely MUST) show the members last log in date.

The reason for this is; many, many sites continue to profile members that have been inactive for over 90 days. This is the only way to know if the member/s you are interested in are still on this particular site, and still available.

3. Another online dating hazard is; on many sites, the members are only looking for "Adult Friends". That is an unspoken, code to: Interested in casual sexual partners only. And if you look a little deeper, most of the members are already in relationships.

Since the site is intended for singles, their profile relationship status will always be one of the following: separated, involved, dating, or unsure.

Once a member makes it very clear to you that their interest is 100% sexual, stop all communications immediately, and block them.


One of the biggest hazards of online dating, is the online "Stalkers" and there is no sure way to get rid of them. Once it is apparent you are dealing with a stalker, stop responding and block them immediately.

Some of the "hard core Stalkers" will set up more than one profile. But if you really pay attention to their profile and emails, you can spot their duplicate profiles. Block those too!

5. Do not give your personal email address or your phone number to anyone...male or female!

Once you get past the online d


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Be careful, though. These sites will entice you to spend money, don't do it. Test the system first, then go all-out only when your completely sure the system works.

So if you want to effortlessly hook up with women then I strongly recommend you read everything I just wrote and do it before it's too late!

Tips For Relationship

How to strengthen your relationships? Are you lack of opportunities to show commitment, generosity or passion? Like everyone else, those who have relationships with you can falter or slip because no one is perfect. When this happens, is both your responsibilities to take necessary measures to ensure that your relationship becomes stronger, fuller and subsequent maintenance. If you are a businessman, are you intending to repay your colleagues? If you are a coworker, what can you do to help their colleagues to do well or to accelerate their career? Are you sharing valuable information with them to enrich their knowledge on how to promote new or improve your success?
If you are a spouse, do you do things to encourage your spouse or you seek opportunities to make him or her look stupid? Have you point out their weaknesses or enhance their strengths? Are you taking some type of actions in a way that will make your husband proud of you, or do you do what you want, without considering the feelings of another person?
If you are a businessman, are you talking to your customers with dignity, when things go wrong or do you reject them and belittle their concerns? Do you do what you can to help them solve their problems to help them invaluable service?
If you want to strengthen your relationship, you should ask yourself what is one thing I can do next week to strengthen relationship ? Write five things you can do to help strengthen your relationship and do one every week for the next five weeks. No secrecy, tell the other person you want to improve relationships and maybe you can just inspire some positive competition - another good way to stimulate relationship.
If you are a businessman, you know your customers / clients are valuable to the survival of your business so make concessions to them and treat them in a way that reflects its value. If you are a manager, then you know that your employees are important to the success of your team or department so treat in a way that shows the value. You speak in a respectful manner, encourage their growth and development, share objectives and vision with them so they can be fully committed to making a reality. If you are a spouse, then you know the value of your spouse plays in this relationship and help to build the life of your dreams. It is very important that you treat your wife with dignity and respect, acts of kindness, love, understanding and forgiveness for the mistakes and hurts.
When working with groups I often ask how they feel useful at work or in their intimate relationships. I think this is important because the assessment of the value of the relationship is something that both sides should do. If you feel that you are assessed in a relationship, then it is your responsibility to do what I call - the value of the conversation. This is where you ask the other person in relationship to identifying value of ten things you bring to the relationship, and you offer to do the same. In the end, you should give priority to top five values, then ask the other person as he or she wants to show respect for this value during the next three months, and of course, be prepared to do the same.

Decoding Relationships and Cheating


Relationships and cheating don't exist together. A relationship don't allow the presence of cheating. Cheating causes easily the end of a relationship. It is considered as one of the most destructive behaviors to occur to a couple in a relationship.


You know, when you think about it relationships are the most amazing complexities. They are made linking two separate people with different values and perspectives on how things look and how they should work. Two people with very divergent needs and wants. Relationships are expected to flourish in the midst of blending all the distinctive and opposing conditions of each person. It is a wonder how any relationships survive. Many relationships do survive though and they can grow to be healthy and beneficial for both partners.


When a couple has come so far as to create a meaningful connection with each other then cheating is devastating.

I am sure you know this. Sometime in your life you have either known someone who has been cheated on or have been cheated on yourself. Or...there is the other possibility...that you were the one doing the cheating. Whether you were the cheater or the cheatee (is that even a word?), it hurts.


The cheatee hurts because of the intense feeling of betrayal.

The cheater hurts because of the lying, secrecy and guilt.

It is a no win situation for all involved.

How will you ever get over it? Will it happen again?


The big factor here is going to be the trust factor. If you are ever going to be happy with your significant other again then either you have to forgive them and trust them or vice versa.

This is not going to be an easy accomplishment. In some cases it may not even be possible, but that's something that the person who was cheated on has to consider and decide for him or herself.


The cheating situation could have occurred for a number of reasons. Possibly the cheater will say the affair meant nothing. It was a one night thing and it just happened. Just "happened"? I don't understand that myself, but if the cheater is rather immature then I suppose it's possible.


If you were having problems and the cheater thought the relationship between you was over then it could have happened. This is not giving them an excuse, but it could be the reason for infidelity in a relationship.


Either way the cheater was WRONG and they hurt the other person whom they are supposed to care for immensely.


The two of you must talk about it. Get it out in the open. Realize the cause and see if you can mend the relationship. In many cases, the cheating is not the real problem. Cheating is merely the symptom of another problem. Be honest with each other. Discover if there is something deeper, more problematic than just cheating.


Then the person who was cheated on has to decide whether they can forgive and trust again. It's not easy, but that is not to say that it can't be done. Many couples have managed to survive an affair.


Staying in the relationship when there is no trust is a miserable basis for a relationship though. The constant suspicions are agonizing and uncomfortable for both people involved. Understand the situation, look at it from the other's point of view and determine if there is truly a desire for reconciliation in the relationship and cheating situation.


Relationship With China

In China, Guanxi (relationship) is a challenging field. A special feature of doing business in China will likely be that Guanxi (relationship) in China must consist of relationship with the govt body, investors, partners as well as relationship along with your own employees, so when doing business in China, it truly is important for foreign investors to learn to coordinate with all the China authorities, specially establishing great relationship with government bodies dealing with foreign trade and economic cooperation.

Procedures for investing in China is little bit complicated than other countries. So, it truly is needed that one has information of all these procedures just before commencing investments in China. Consequently, one should be conscious of investment procedures ahead of carrying out any business in China. A safer and more proper way will likely be to seek out help from local organizations familiar within the same area of business or consultant companies who are capable to supply expert guidance and assistance. Willpower and patience might be essential for a trader to achieve success, nevertheless it is important for one to require assist from professional bodies to make sure that success will be attained.

Seeking the ideal local cooperative partner is usually a shortcut one undertakes when developing the China market. Many people have established joint venture and foreign cooperative enterprise and so forth. as a stepping stone to enter the China market, therefore which investment mode to choose one will have to accord together with the enterprise's characteristics and has to be one of the most suitable for building the enterprise's business and helping its march to the China industry. It really is recommended to take one step at a time while investing in China and never to rush at a time. One shouldn't be also initiative. It is important to have a good relationship with the local partner to lessen an investment risk. China's investment environment is rapidly modifying each of the time, so it truly is essential to take the help of local companies.

China is really a labour incentive nation. Labour cost is very low in China and most the labour are now educated. There are many educational programme ongoing in China nowadays, so it is not hard to find labour force that are highly expert and educated. Many productive foreign traders have even credited their accomplishment in China to their China's local workers. The primary problem for any foreign firm is how you can preserve an excellent relationship with their Chinese employees. First of all, top management should cultivate the company's vision and values into the employees because what the local people are taught under China's educational system may crash with the foreign management system. If the employee of the company understand the company's aim and objectives perfectly then only company can prosper.

Improve Your Relationships complex


Relationships are complex things, but following these basics will help you make your relationships healthy and strong.

When in doubt, listen first and check to see if you have understood the other person by asking them questions. Often relationships go awry when people feel they aren't being heard or understood and sometimes it's important just to listen. You have to know what they want, not what you think is good for them. Listening is what helps us to find connection with each other. This also means you need to tell others what you really feel, think, and want. You can't feel connected if you don't voice these things.

Communicate simply when it is most critical that they hear you. Get clear in your own mind what kind of outcome you would like and try to state it in the most simple and specific terms. You will more likely be understood the more clear you can be, and often that means fewer words, not more.

Sometimes repetition is necessary in getting through to someone what is really important to you.

Always show respect. Respect means listening, accepting a no when you are given one, not taking them for granted, being honest in your dealings with them, and not criticizing often or discouraging them. It is also important that you do not try to control others, and just as important that you show respect to yourself and ask that they treat you the same or be willing to walk away.

Know when it isn't a healthy relationship. Just because you care about someone doesn't mean you should be in a relationship with them at this time. They should be good for you, not addicted to anything, not controlling or abusive in any way, and make you feel secure and happy.

It is not possible to make a relationship work with someone who doesn't care about you, or who abuses a substance or you, so don't try.

Seek to be good for others and don't tear them down. People like to be with those who make them feel good and who are good for them. Lighten up and have fun together and your relationship will grow.

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Strengthening Your Relationship


Why is being in a relationship sometimes the most satisfying and joyful experience and at other times the most miserable?

Many romantic relationships start out feeling fantastic. You feel seen for who you really are, and even your flaws are loved and cherished. You feel the same in return. In the beginning, your partner's flaws are endearing and loveable, and their mistakes can be fairly easily forgiven. Being together is exciting and satisfying.

For many couples, this experience of feeling easily understood changes at some point. Perhaps this change starts when your partner says something that makes you question whether they really understand you after all. Perhaps one of you wants more sex or intimacy than the other and that begins to throw things out of balance. Or maybe changes in your lives such as a child entering the relationship, or more demanding work schedules begin to take away your time and energy to tune in to each other.

When you reach out for connection with your partner and feel let down by their response (or lack of response), it is painful.

A negative cycle begins to form. One of you reaches out, and the other inadvertently does not give the desired response. Feeling rejected or disappointed, the one who has reached out loses some faith in the relationship, responding with anger or distance. The other partner responds to the distance or anger by withdrawing more. The cycle is in motion, and it seems to have a life of its own.

Why can't we just change the painful cycle when it starts? Because when you are in the middle of this pattern, it is hard to see your part in it. Feeling hurt or defensive and stirred up by conflict makes it hard to think creatively, empathize with your partner, and take the risks that are necessary to stay close and connected.

Couples therapy is the process of slowing down the cycles that increase distance and creating enough safety for each person to take risks that lead to connection and deeper intimacy. Couples therapy can give you tools to soften conflicts and to make risk taking more successful.

One of the skills I teach to couples is how to become an expert on the internal world of your partner. Dr. John Gottman of the Gottman Institute calls this skill "Love Maps." He has researched hundreds of couples over three decades (footnote), and discovered that couples who have a deep and accurate knowledge about each other's thoughts and feelings tend to have long and satisfying relationships.

When couples are dating and falling in love, they tend to ask each other questions and learn about each other's daily lives, thoughts and dreams. This process tends to lead to a positive cycle of more and more connection and intimacy. However, many couples lose the habit of creating "Love Maps" over time. Partners can get back in the habit, and ask questions to update this knowledge regularly. Here are a few examples of the types of questions partners can ask each other to rebuild "Love Maps":

"What would you like your life to look like in five years?"
"What events are coming up that you are worried about, and why?"
"What's your favorite movie that you've seen in the past year?"
"With whom do you currently have a conflict (besides me)?"

When you feel known and understood by your partner, the times when you reach out and don't get what you want feel less painful. When you deeply know and understand your partner, you have more access to empathy and can more easily handle the times your partner is unavailable. This is one of the many tools couples can use to break the distancing cycle and make deeper connection possible.

Key Online Dating Tips


When you are new to the online dating scene it can seem a little intimidating. There are a lot of rules of Internet dating that the beginner will have to learn by trial and error, or by reading up on online dating before you jump in. The main thing that you will want to remember is that you must be sure to put your safety and well being first. Go into the Internet dating scene thinking with your head at all times and not your emotions. The emotions can come after you get to know someone in real life, it's too easy to get yourself into trouble online if you aren't smart as well as careful. While online dating can be a very good thing, it is something that should be approached correctly.

When you are making your dating profile you want to put as much information about yourself that you can in a safe manner. You want to let those that are looking at your profile get a feel for the type of person that you are.

They should be able to read on your hobbies and interests so they can determine whether the two of you would be compatible. When you are filling out the hobbies and interests section you will want to give the information without naming any specifics which would allow someone to be able to locate you in real life without your knowledge.

Once you begin talking to someone that you decide to meet in real life you should keep in mind that it is very easy fro someone to pretend to be someone or something that they aren't. For this reason you will want to take note on things that they tell you. This will not only help you to remember things about them, but it will also help you to make sure that they are being consistent with their answers. You also want to be sure that you don't set up a date to meet someone until you feel that they are being truthful with you.

When you do set up that first date you will want to plan to drive yourself to a public place and meet them there.

As soon as you have enough information on the person that you are beginning to think about a relationship with, it's always a good idea to do a background check. Many people that date online have become fans of background checks, they are great ways to ensure that you are getting to know someone that doesn't have a criminal history. You will also be able to make sure the person isn't hiding something else, such as a spouse.

Online Dating - Statistics


An estimated 20 million people visit online dating sites at least once a month and some visit more than one site. That means the exposure of using an online service is quite vast. The exposure of the personal ads on the sites has high visibility resulting in meeting more people.

Thirty-one percent (31%) of Americans either have used an internet-dating site or know someone who has used a site. There are currently 306,053,538 people in the United States. That means over 94,876,000 people have used an internet dating service at one point or another! Talk about exposure of the profile and the opportunity of finding someone in the internet world.

More than 120,000 marriages were contributed to internet dating services matching up users in 2008. That is a lot of happy people who found love on the internet. With those numbers being a year old, the number of people making a vital connection continues to increase each year.

The statistics for 2003 show over three million people used paid internet dating services.

This number is almost six years old and the numbers increase every year. These people spent over 4 million for the dating services with an average of 9 for annual membership fees.

The estimates for 2008 show substantial financial growth for online dating services reaching over 2 million. The figures show how online dating is increasing by immense amounts. This also means the number of people seeking mates has increased and with that comes a higher number of people making love connections.

The statistics do not include the free websites for internet dating services. With places such as Yahoo Personals, and AOL Personals offering free internet dating services, the numbers of people using the internet to meet others is even higher than the paid dating sites.

Free internet dating sites do not have the same degrees of measuring the users, since the statistics are based on paid users and not free based sites.

Yet for anyone who has visited any of the free sites, there are a large number of members listed on the sites who have the same possibilities of creating a connection with another person.

Jewish Online Dating Sites


There are so many Jewish online dating sites that it would take a new initiate several years to fully try each and every one of them. By doing some research, the job of finding just the right one for you gets a little easier.

The largest one, JDate, has become the model for other dating services, Jewish or otherwise. Operating in America with over 300,000 members in six foreign countries, JDate claims to have over 10-percent of the available Jewish singles in its database. Members pay between and a month to post their information on the website and make contact with other Jewish singles. In addition, JDate sponsors frequent social events in the larger metropolitan areas where the concentration of active members guarantees a healthy turnout. For a small fee, members can attend a dinner with drinking and dancing, populated only by other Jewish singles and active members of JDate.

There's no guarantee that the girl or man of your dreams will also be attending, but these services can, at the very least, save you a lot of time and frustration.

The main format for Jewish dating sites is the same as most online dating services.

You pay a small fee to become a member, post your profile, your phone number and your other pertinent information on the site, and then scroll through the photos of other members in your area who fit your requirements. After that, you are free to contact them by whatever means they prefer and you can talk on the phone, meet and date or whatever suits you. The website plays no role in the relationship after establishing the connection.


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Be careful, though. These sites will entice you to spend money, don't do it. Test the system first, then go all-out only when your completely sure the system works.

So if you want to effortlessly hook up with women then I strongly recommend you read everything I just wrote and do it before it's too late!

Relationship Difficulties And Solutions


Relationships challenges and options #1: The spark is gone

This is an extremely general connection complication. As the newness of a love wears of as well as the business of life sets in, you must produce a deliberate effort to create sparks along with your important other. Should you don’t, your bond will begin to really feel cold and empty. The two of you can drift additional and additional apart. Eventually, you will be looking at someone you no longer know. You’re able to refrain from this common bond dilemma with these ideas:

Send something to them at function. Nothing tells your associate which you are thinking about them like sending them a gift while they may be at perform. It also gives them key bragging rights among their co-workers.

Make a special date evening. Set aside one day a week that the two of you’re able to commit time as a couple.

It may be an item that you simply do the similar every single week, or it may be an item distinct. The point would be to have a night for just the two of you. As you trudge via the monotony from the week, you might both have an item to look forward to.

Play hooky for a day. Call in sick or ask for time off in advance. Either way, your goal could be the same. Acquire this day to do things romantic, fun, and out from the ordinary. Go on a walk, go for the beach, cuddle in bed till noon. Laugh with each other, spend time with each other, and produce a deliberate work to indulge in each other. At all costs, evade chores and regular every day activities.

Union issues and solutions #2: The cheating partner

In case you suspect that your mate is dishonest on you, avoid accusing until you realize for positive. You’re able to come across out by paying consideration to their actions and words, checking cell phone bills, credit card bills, and going along with your gut. If you have discovered out that your significant other is with another, you’ll find some steps that you just ought to receive.

Accept it. It can be truly quick to just ignore it. Still, you can’t do anything about the circumstances at any time you refuse to accept it.

Do not blame your self. Your associate is the 1 that chose to go outside of your broken relationship. Even though there is tons of advice that says you could maintain your lover from cheating, this statement is only partially true. One can find points that you just can do to continue to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. Then again, inside the end, this does not at all times stop a dishonest companion. If you have to “do” factors to keep your mate from dishonest, then you’ve gotten a pretty big problem.

Create a decision. You can get only two decisions for making in this problem: stay or leave. In case you pick to stay, you happen to be going to ought to accept your sweetheart for who they may be. You can’t, and I will say that again, Can not change who they are. In the event you choose to stay, you need to take the affairs along with him. For those who do make the selection to conclude the romance, then consider this as a learning experience. Sometimes, we stop up with people which are bad for us for the reason that we aren’t able to fully enjoy ourselves. Assume time to heal prior to moving on and find out from it.

Love affair conditions and options #3: The nagger

Nagging can kill a romance quicker than it’s possible to blink. In spite of this, a great number of occasions there may be a reason behind the nagging. Acquiring for the root of this complication can frequently solve it. Here are some tips.

Initial, has your companion always been a nag? If so, it’s achievable that your better half grew up like this. Maybe they lived in a family that nagged to get what they wanted. If this will be the issue, then it might probably be finest to seek counseling for the both of you. Your partner might have some deeply ingrained issues that will need addressed. You should certainly attend too so that you simply know how you can successfully support them.

Discover to listen. Loads of occasions, nagging begins since your wife or husband feels like you are not listening. They may think that you simply have grow to be distant or just do not care anymore. Their nagging can be a cry for your appreciate, affection, and attention. Once you possess taken the time to listen to your wife or husband, respond to them in a way that will support to diffuse the circumstance. Then, speak to your better half about how you think about their constant complaining. Be incredibly sensitive when discussing this. Speak about how the two of it is possible to communicate greater to repair your bond.

These are the three most commonplace intimate relationship dilemmas and remedies. Of course, there are lots of extra, but that would acquire loads of time to discuss. Remember, if your lover is abusive in any way, you need to seek professional assist and get out with the rapport as soon as potential. These kinds of relationships are dangerous.

I’m a pshychologist dealing mostly with dating advice for couples, younger or older. I publish articles on my website carester.

Relationship Advice for Women


They say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Does it look like any of us care, when it comes to relationship advice for women? Irrespective or our origins, the fact remains, that we women need an advice on how to deal with a man, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship. In my opinion, women have higher emotional intelligence than men, but despite that, sometimes they can be at their wits end because of a man's confusing behavior. So, after a great deal of writings on relationships, here's an exclusive piece of work just for women. The relationship advice for women will be put forward by commonly asked questions.

Relationship Advice for Women

Q1: I hate the dating games that men play. I don't know how to deal with momentary flings or someone who gets too clingy?
As a relationship advice and dating advice for women in the real world, I would like to say there is no one out there with lots of time to know what you want.

We women love to hide in our shells and play the 'guess my feelings' game. Sadly, in the real world, you've got to speak up. Selective mutism (not speaking up when necessary) is not going to be entertained in a man's world. Men by nature, are not mind readers as they themselves like to be cajoled and listened to. Hence, when a man is making his moves on you, make it very clear about what you want and what you are expecting. This will save the time and effort for both of you and save the trouble of having strings attached or cutting the strings, whatever be the case.

Read more on:
Dating Tips for Women
Dating Tips for Girls

Q2: My husband never bothers to listen to what I have got to say. Neither does he take any decisions around the house. How am I to know what he wants?
From the olden times of your grand-mother to your mother and now to yours, the situation to men being indecisive about home affairs has remained the same. This stems from the fact, that the primal instinct of men is to be a protector, provider and possessor. And the role of a woman, is that of a 'homemaker' (sorry, if I am getting too cynical). It's with these instincts that we act as a couple. Thus, when it comes to taking a decision regarding home affairs, he will always respect your decision, support it and will help you if it's not wrong. That's exactly what he will do, because that's exactly what he wants. The other problem of not being a listener is rooted in the fact, that men procrastinate. Yes, they need to be pushed a little, but not nagged.

Q3: I am seeing this guy for a month and I've always stopped him from getting to the third base. I am scared things will get further than that. How do I tell him my dilemma?
Hmmm...we all go though this. Don't we? The 'right time' may be right there in front of us, but certainty of it, is always uncertain. As relationship advice for girls, especially below 18, I suggest, keep this moment for later, when you are aware of what you are doing. Right now 18 may just seem a number to you, but trust me, you will ripe in your understanding with years that pass by. For girls above the age of 18, there is nothing wrong in feeling the way you are feeling. He may be coming on too strong for you, but stop him there, talk it out to him, share your fears and things will workout. If he really cares for you, he will understand you.

Q4: I work beyond my office hours. Sometimes I pull 15 hours of work a day. Post work, I get too tired to attend to my domestic affairs. My husband gets irritated with me and we get into regular fights. I am scared this will affect our bond and children too. Please help.
I completely understand your situation, dear reader. What women need to know about men, is, that they are just like kids. They want to be pampered, be (extra) cared for, heard, loved and attended too. Your long working hours is making your husband miss you, more than he should. Missing your partner, to a certain level is important, as too much familiarity begins to breed boredom. But 15 hours of work is draining you out, which is taking a toll on him and in turn reflecting on your kids. As an honest relationship advice for women, communicate your situation to your husband and let him know that at the moment, it's not possible to put your profession in a backseat. At the same time, try and take a weekend off and go out on a weekend getaway with your family, then let me know how the situation improves.

Q5: My guy has failed to see me as a respectable individual in the past two years. Our relationship has taken an abusive turn. I love him a lot and I am still hoping for a change. Am I right?
Respect is the first premise of any relationship. If your guy has failed to learn such a simple thing in two years, then I've got to say, call it quits. Relationship advice to break up comes as a last resort, but if the other person is unwilling all the while, to make it work, then why waste time in hoping for a change all the while? I understand that you love him. But, the truth remains, love is just one factor of having a healthy relationship. With all due respect to him, end it on a good note and thank him for teaching you things like patience (for tolerating him), virtue of self reliance and ability to understand your emotions, and move out of the relationship. With so many positive changes in you, surely you will find somebody worth much more.

Mending a Depressed Relationship


Beginning a relationship is much easier and less costly than mending a depressed relationship. You could be going through a depressed moment when all you had hoped for in your relationship seem not to work. When two people get into a relationship normally they do that based on some assumptions.

At times these assumptions do not endure or other factors come on board that make them too difficult to bear. In mending a relationship that has become depressed major key is determining what are some of these assumptions that have now surfaced. Lets go through some of these assumptions:

-That My partner is perfect: More often people go into a relationship with a person they consider to be a perfect match for them. In so doing, they fail to give room for imperfections and failures. When they finally come, they start to depress the relationship since the original mindset is upset.

-That my partner will reform: This happens especially among those who have diverse lifestyles.

If you have a relationship with a person who takes excessive alcohol or drugs and hopes that his/her promise to you that they will reform actually will stand. However as times goes on, you realize that the reforms do not come as expected. Naturally the love bond begins to weaken and the relationship gets depressed.

-My love for him/her is enough: Normally it takes love to begin a relationship but it doesn't take love to ensure a relationship lasts. This assumption explains why passionate lovers will next day take each other before a judge asking for divorce. When loves begins to weaken, and relationship gets its toll of depression it is important to address this assumption. It takes more than love to sustain a relationship.

-He/she will understand: Perhaps this is the major ingredient in weakening a relationship. A relationship has trust has its major pillar. Trust has information and openness as major driving force. It is never wise to assume that your partner will understand why for instance you misused family finances, why you took long to arrive at a date or why you wore some clothes she/he doesn't like. When lack of understanding gets the relationship depressed, address this assumption.

A depressed relationship more often than not is a result of these sustained assumptions. So to address the problem its good to address these assumptions as a matter of priority.

Successful Online Dating Tips


Internet dating is always reaching new highs in use and success rates. People who are new to dating on the Internet may be befuddled as to how to go about the process and what to watch out for along the way. A few successful online dating tips will get you started.

1. Explore several online websites before choosing one to use. There are many options for matchmaking services, and they are not all alike. Read their rules and use policies. Read the information on how it all works. Then, decide which you like best.

2. Consider using a social networking site to do online dating. These sites are free. They allow you to increase your circle of friends and acquaintances so that you are meeting new people online frequently. You can get to know people you might want to date by the posts they make to the site.

3. Wherever you post your profile for online dating, make it interesting and positive.

To get a better idea of what works, read other profiles and notice the words, phrases, and sentences that make you take an immediate dislike to the person posting the profile. Then, notice the profiles that invite interest and excitement. Choose your words wisely when you make your own.

4. Never lie on your profile. You do not have to tell everything you know about yourself; in fact it is important for safety that you keep personal information to yourself. However, putting up a photo that is five years old, claiming to be single when you are married, or saying you are a millionaire when you are not are all bad ideas. They just lead to trouble in the end.

5. Post great profile photos and analyze the profile photos of others. You want to look your best your own best that is, not someone elses best or the best of the 10-years-ago you. Choose a photo that makes you look the most alluring. When you look at the profile photos of others, try to determine if the picture looks old (someone might be trying to fool you about her age), or dark and grainy (someone might be trying to hide his identity on the web so others will not know he is dating). Avoid such dishonest daters.

6. Communication for online dating is very similar in some ways to face-to-face communication. You still need to be courteous. It makes you seem more likeable if you show interest in the other person, in this case by asking questions or making positive comments on their profile. When you send that first personal email to start the dating process think of what you would say to her in person. This is one of the most successful online dating tips.

7. In any case, your successful online dating tips will most likely end in a date between you and another person in a location where you both can go. It is important to follow the online courtesy and communication with respect and interest when you both get into the same physical space. You will be more successful at online dating relationships if you remember that the eventual goal should be a real-life one-to-one relationship that you can conduct offline and in the future.

Online Dating Trends Increased


At this moment, online dating is gaining popularity. In different countries around the world, there are so many people who are making use of the internet. This is the reason why there are some websites that are available and accessible to use. Without having any difficulty, you can easily spend time with the person whom you really love. You do not even have to spend any amount of money. With the website, you can directly communicate with the person. In addition, you can instantly see the person if you have a webcam.


Due to an improving and developing technology, they were able to come up with some websites that can be used. However, you should be able to know and understand the policies that every website will be giving so that you can receive great benefits from them. usually, the youth are the ones who are interested with an online dating.

Most especially to those who people who are living in a remote area? As a matter of fact, majority were able to create a good relationship because of this. This is the reason why many people who single are interested with this.


However, with different websites that are available, it is no longer easy for the people to choose which is appropriate for them to use. Before you choose a website, it would be better if you will know some of the benefits that you can get from the websites. Though, every websites has their own unique strategy and technique. Every website wants to make certain that they will be able to satisfy all the needs and concerns of the people who will be using their website.


With the use of an online dating, you will surely save money. This means that you no longer need to buy flowers and chocolates just to make your date memorable and meaningful.

It is impossible to set up a date most especially if you are in a very far place. With this, you will be able to chow how you love the person. You can even talk to the person any time you want. In fact, many people were able to keep their relationship strong because of dating through the internet.


At the present time, there are so many people who do not believe in a long distance relationship. But with the help of the online dating, you can certainly find your match. Sometimes, things happen unexpectedly. As a matter of fact, there is some person whom you do not expect to be a part of your life. the technology has a very high contribution when it comes to this because of the benefits that are providing to the users of the internet.

What Spiritual Relationships is ?


Relationships are something that are so vital and are something that happens even without effort like family relationships. But then there are relations that also involve effort at times like that of partnering of different types. Whatever it is, most of relationships need effort to be maintained and kept alive, as those seen between partners. The longer the commitment of relationship, the more it seems it needs efforts to keep it alive. But, one relationship that needs least effort and involves least of complications is spiritual relationship. Spiritual relationship need not only mean among partners but it can be any deep relationship, deeply motivated and guided by spiritual bonding. Spiritual relationships nourish not just the physical and mental blending but also the deep bonding of emotional and soul bodies. Most spiritual relationships automatically find each other due to the law of attraction.

Such relationships meet each other not just for gratification of one's own physical, emotional and soulful needs, but also to support one and other in spiritual growth. So, it is not necessary that spiritual relationships have to be super-smooth or like the ones in fairy tales. The human being may not be aware of the other soul's need but one's higher self is aware of it all the time and keeps providing nourishment and support in all ways to the other person. One person can even put up a challenging situation in the relationship so that the other person or both face it and are able to overcome it, thus accelerating growth and evolution. But they also can be one of the best relationships one can think of if the evolution of both souls has reached higher stages. Such relationships are very nourishing and involve higher type of nourishment for each other like providing independent space, having total acceptance of each other irrespective of whatever flaws may be present in each other, being totally nonjudgmental or non-critical, easily forgiving each other and letting go very easily of whatever happens between them. In such relationship, each do not curb the other person's freewill and is ready to offer support and help in whatever situation. Such relationship will tend to naturally have very lesser or nil frictions thus promoting faster growth and deeper relationship. If you are longing for such relationships, you need not go hunting out for such but you can create them for yourself. Remember by doing so, you grow and also allow the other person to grow and thus develop a great spiritual bond. Most of the time, the people that we meet or come across in life are the spiritual relations but we are unable to see it because we expect so much from the other and usually the ego does not easily let this blend into the true spiritual relationship. So, your own relations can be slowly transformed into spiritual relations if you are able to practice patience, higher understanding than just the human view to things, accepting the person as he or she is, letting go quickly of any offense or hurt by act of forgiveness and by being totally nonjudgmental about them. These things might look too difficult but the fact is that when the other person starts enjoying these gifts from you, they sooner or later start reciprocating in the same way thus making a perfect spiritual relationship

Online Dating For Beginners


You've seen the television ads, you've read about online dating in the newspapers and in magazines. But what you haven't read is the 'How-To' get started with online dating.
Well, here it is, the information you need to get started with online dating.
First off, join up at a dating service. We have more than 400 reviews of online services, so you're sure to find a fun, affordable and easy to join online dating service within the website.
But for our purposes, we suggest joining Friend Finder. This online dating service has many features and includes some great benefits for free members. So go to Friend Finder and we'll begin.
Click onFriend FinderComplete the basic signup information, following directions carefully to become a free memberYou will receive a registration email, save it somewhere safe, be sure to write down your Friend Finder member name and your password.

Follow the next steps only after receiving and completing the instruction sin the email you receivedReturn to Friend Finder and login. Go the the 'My Account' page and complete all areas that you can. The better your profile is, the more attention you'll receive and the better the chances are for you to meet people. Keep in mind, as a free member you can only reply to one message every day, so be picky about who you email or consider upgrading your membership. (Be sure to complete the picture upload, the voice and video message sections. Webcams and microphones are cheap and easy to sue and are essential equipment for online dating where the features are available.Complete your first search being very general about the area you want to meet people in. Keep the age selection about 5 years younger to 5 years older that you are and use your state or province as opposed to only your city. The more results you get, the better you will fare in meeting people. If the results are overwhelming then it's time to get more exact in your search selections.Check the search results carefully and add to your hotlist the members you'd like to eventually send a message to. While your waiting for messages to arrive in your member inbox, (keep in mind a completed profile including voice and video messages will greatly increase the number of messages you'll potentially receive) go and speak your mind in the advice forums and add poems you've written (or will soon write!). This is another great way to get noticed and encourage other members to contact you.Following the steps above, taking the time to completely filling out the profile sections, including all the features available such as uploading video and voice messages in your profile, will guarantee a great online dating experience.

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Uniform Online Dating


Uniform online dating is quickly becoming one of the most successful forms of online dating. It is a relatively new form of dating, yet it was an almost immediate hit.

Why Uniform Online Dating Is So Popular

There are a few reasons why this new form of dating became so popular so quickly. There is little doubt that firemen, people from the forces and nurses are perceived as particularly sexy. This perception has grown gradually over the course of several decades. It has been fed by popular culture, so is now firmly rooted in the consciousness of many members of the public. Exactly how this happened is difficult to put your finger on, but it starts with the fact that uniforms flatter the shape. People look particularly attractive in a full dress uniform.

Add to this the fact that people who wear uniforms are often people who are there to help society during times of crisis. This fact makes them stand out from the crowd. To be able to deal with stressful and difficult situations requires someone with special qualities. Bravery, intelligence, kindness, a heightened sense of duty are all needed to be successful as a medical professional, as law enforcement officer or as a rescue worker. All of these qualities are highly desirable in a mate. In addition, a lot of these professions require you to be fit, which means you have to be in shape.

There is no doubt that people in uniforms are more attractive when you look at it from this point of view. This is part of the reason that uniform online dating was an instant hit.

Who Can Get Involved in Uniform Online Dating?

Many people think that uniform online dating is only for people who actually wear a uniform for their work. However, in reality even if you do not work in one of these industries you can sign up for these services. You just need to want to date people who wear uniforms. The point of these sites is still to bring together people from all walks of lives and let them date each other.

Reduce Online Dating Dangers


Are you still seeking your soul mate?

Or are you just looking for friends with the same interests?

Well, online dating is definitely a great way to widen your circle of friends. It is really fun to meet many interesting people and sometimes addictive for many people. Some have even met their soul mate by meeting their perfect lifetime match through an online dating portal! It is just amazing the convenience and the benefits that online dating brings to the busy people.

If you are new to online dating, there maybe risks which you may put yourself in even without you knowing. Good thing you are reading this! Here are some dangers of online dating that you might face and what you can do to reduce such risks:

1. The very first danger of online dating is when you become a scam victim. Not everyone in the online dating scene is a good guy or girl.

Many scam artists masked their real identity in order to cheat someone not only of their money but emotions, feelings as well. Sad but true - many women "catch" men and ask them for money by giving empty promises. Then after the money comes to them, they disappear. There are even cases when men ####ually assault the women when meet up for a date after they "meet" on an online dating site.

So, do not be over-credulous. The person who you are communicating with can write anything in his or her profile and he or she may not be whoever they tell you. In fact, you cannot be completely sure if it is a she or a he. In case you decide to meet your dating partner - do some background checks. Moreover, to be safe, your first date should be during daytime in a busy public place. Better still, get a friend to come along.


Another possible danger of online dating is to give out your real address and personal information. Well, the person who is asking for your address might seem completely normal and harmless, you may even "know" him online for quite time. In any case, you should never give your home or work address as you don't really know who you are dealing with.

Thus, remember - never give out your personal information. No real phone number or address. Some people do not even share their real name (as you can find the address and even the phone number using it), but use nicknames instead. If things get serious and if enough time has passed you may consider sharing such information with your dating partner.

3. Another danger of online dating is to get lots of unsolicited email messages. There will be many people asking for your email address in order to continue your relationship off the online dating site and only in a few hours, you will discover that you have become a spammer victim with your email box flooded with spams.

So, if you can stick by those general guidelines, online dating can be a great and safe experience. When in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your friends or families on what to do. Most importantly, never meet someone you met online in person alone without informing anyone else.

One final tip - trust your gut feeling and never take chances. If your feel a person is right and genuine go ahead - you might have found the love of your life. However, it is better to be very careful and do not r


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Both steps in this system have free trials so you can try before you buy, so I highly recommend that you test this system first and see some results.

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Be careful, though. These sites will entice you to spend money, don't do it. Test the system first, then go all-out only when your completely sure the system works.

So if you want to effortlessly hook up with women then I strongly recommend you read everything I just wrote and do it before it's too late!

Online Dating Safe Tips


Singles are constantly seeking potential partners. The best way of doing this is to try online dating, which offers a lot of things besides finding a date. You can make friends online; find short-term flings, pen pals, and other kinds of relationship you want to engage in.

Each member is typically placed under various categories and among them is religion - such as Jewish, Christian, Muslim and others. There are also websites for alternative lifestyles as well. Some websites serve a specific group or niche; for single parents, seniors, executives and many other categories which people can be classified into. And because of the limited time for socializing, more and more people signing up for online dating websites.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then you need to find the right websites for you. Below are some suggestions that should be considered in finding the right online dating website:

The website must make it a point that their members feel safe. It must be clear on its policy to enhance safety. It should warn off undesirable types by screening new members for criminal records or charges. If this is not done, it could compromise the safety of other members, thus, disciplinary actions would be taken upon by the agency.
Make sure that your personal information submitted to the agency is kept safe and private.
Other services apart from dating should be provided by the agency. Dating advice, newsletters, and other acts that could prove useful to the members.
The fee for the subscription should be realistic. Try to check other dating websites to find out an acceptable average fee to be paid.

By doing the above assessment of a dating website that interests you could save you from the assorted issues and strange dates.

Hopefully this helps you to find the person you're looking for and possibly a partner for life.

Trustworthy Free Online Dating


When you reach a stage of committing to a person through free online dating, recognise this as being a form of commitment to a set of behaviours. Be wary of a partner who is high on expectations of you while being unable to commit to behaviour corrections with the self. This sets the stage for future pain in the relationship. Instead, take a stand immediately and highlight your feelings about the behaviour that has been exhibited. The person must have the self control to correct the inappropriate behaviour patterns.

Benefit of doubt

Behaviour change occurs under certain circumstances, when the request to be introspective is made in a rational manner and the individual is given a visible fair chance. You must be open to the possibility that a behaviour pattern, with the exception of abusive behaviour, will come under control with some patient guidance in the relationship you have forged with free online dating.

This is the base of the tenet of giving the benefit of doubt. Abusive behaviour is a pattern that arises from very low sensitivity to the effect of the abuse and a high awareness of power arising from the fear of the partner. Rationality is not sufficient to manage this. The individual must be taken for counselling and you must analyse the true depth of your feelings of continuing in such a relationship. If things do not work positively, return to free online dating and continue your search.

Mature management

If you have come to a point of commitment in your relationship and find that your partner is coming up with signs of commitment phobia, be firm. Free online dating makes it possible for you to return in search for another partner if things do not work out.

However, provide reassurance and express faith in the person's ability to carry through with the commitment. If the person expresses doubt, provide reassurance of your willingness to place trust if the partner is willing to do the same. When you place trust and expect trust in return, you place pressure on the partner to take an honest decision. Mature management scores over emotional reactions that make the commitment phobic prefer to avoid the trouble of a long term relationship.

Placing trust

Be sure to place trust on your partner. If you tend to be suspicious about every action with involving another person, you will display you inability to trust and therefore, to be trusted. Free online dating makes it possible for you to check the credentials and trustworthiness of the individual before you go ahead and make a commitment. If you find that the person has been communicating along the same lines as with you, you have a reason to be suspicious. You can check whether the person has posted under different profile names by asking the site to help you. Once you are sure, you can go ahead and place trust in the person. Avoid being suspicious without verifying facts since this will make the person wonder about the choice that has been made through free online dating.

Ending a Bad Relationship


The other night I watched the Jack Nicholson-Diane Keaton romantic comedy, ‘Something's Gotta Give' for the third time. I wondered what I liked about the movie that motivated me to watch it so many times.

Sure the writing and the acting is first rate, the locations are spectacular and seeing Jack Nicholson in a comedic role is always a treat and Keanu Reeves is a pleasure to look at.

And I finally figured out what was so great. How the characters played by Nicholson and Keaton handled the break up of their brief, intense, highly charged and unusual (for both of them) relationship.

They felt something they may not have felt before and it impacted them in ways that encouraged them to make major changes in their lives.

What they felt was love. And then they both felt the accompanying pain when love doesn't fit into the structure we think it should.

She turned her pain into creativity and wrote a funny play about their relationships.

He decided to clean up his life and jumped on a plane to Paris to find her.

It's so fabulous what pain can spark in our lives.

You can blast off into a new dimension.

What do you do when a relationship ends? What do you do with the pain, the grief and the power of those emotions?


Pain can be a great motivator. After all it lets us know we're alive. It keeps us awake. And crying can be so cleansing for the soul. That deep crying that leaves you exhausted and yet in touch at a deep level with your truth.

Do you notice how sensitive you are to your feelings and the feelings of others when you realize you're in love and it doesn't look like it will work out? The pain that hits you in the stomach and leaves you feeling so vulnerable.

From that place ­ that vulnerable place ­ comes your truth, your compassion, and best of all, feeling love. Really feeling it.

When my clients break up from any relationship, let's stick to a romantic one here, I help them process their pain and then help them learn so much about themselves.

It often looks to other people like they were crazy to have dated that person, crazy to have fallen in love with that person. Couldn't they see that person was so wrong for them?

Friends don't want to see you hurting. But somewhere deep inside yourself you know the truth. That feeling love like this is a good thing ­ even the pain for a short period of time.


Feeling love let's you know you're alive. You didn't sit on the sidelines watching other people live their lives; you got out there and lived yours.

Sure it hurts when a relationship doesn't work out. But whose standards are you using for ‘it didn't work out?'

Not everyone we meet and date can or even should be our spouse. And what's so wrong with finding out that you love someone with all your heart and soul and they aren't the person you want to marry and live with forever?

Does that in any way negate the love, the connection? NO! Why does every relationship have to be a serious committed one?

Doesn't each person we are with teach us something wonderful? Something valuable? YES!! They really do. Look deeper.

Don't go into ‘poor me' or ‘untrusting woman' or ‘pitiful guy' mode! Please do nurture yourself but don't go into victim and shut down. That is not the purpose of any relationship.

Our heroine in the movie realized she could enjoy male company, young and old. She became wildly creative and alive. She was already successful and became even more so. And she came alive as a woman!

Our hero learned he did have a desire to be with a woman who understood him, was at his level and was his soul mate. Pretty powerful for a confirmed bachelor. He learned to cry, to feel, to love.

So if you've just broken up with someone or vice versa, please allow yourself a few days or weeks to grieve. Nurture yourself.

Then with all that vulnerability, truth and love look, to see what you've just learned. What wonderful thing came from that relationship? Can you still be friends and do things together? Maybe, maybe not. You'll know.

Don't take your pain out on your friends, co-workers, family or pets.

Do put the power of that energy to work for you. That energy is so powerful. It can be constructive. You can use it to create, to contribute, to serve, to Set Your Spirit Free.

Choose to be open, alive, vulnerable and trusting and get back out there again to live and love. Let all that love in your heart overflow. You don't have to get back into a relationship and you will be so glad when you do something wonderful and constructive with the love in your heart.

Make a contribution to your life and to others. Blast off! Set your spirit free!

You are love. Feel it, live it, give it.

Dealing with Relationship Problems


They say we are happier, are in better health and may even live longer if we have deeper relationships with family and friends. Dealing with relationship problems can ensure that couples, parents, friends and families have fulfilled relationships.

Mike Rudink, series producer of ‘The Happiness Formula' has researched some of the factors that scientists are recommending in order to reach a fuller, happier life. These happiness factors include all these relationships such as marriage and other long term intimate relationships. Another happiness factor is that of a person believing that he has meaning. This ultimately related back to a belief in something bigger like religion, spirituality or a philosophy of life. Also included in the having meaning happiness factor is that of having enjoyable long term goals.

Many people however will struggle with maintaining good and healthy relationships due to their relationship problems.

The necessity to decrease the amount of issues that are present in a relationship will help towards maintaining and making long term healthy relationships.

There are many factors that lead to issues within a relationship. Money and partner insensitivity were cited as the main causes of arguments in our relationships. According to a You Gov. survey from 2007, 34% of married and cohabiting couples said that arguments about money, spending or investing where the biggest issue for couples; whilst 25% cited partner's insensitivity.

Money worries relating to debt and unemployment for instance can spark off serious rows with our partners. We may find ourselves moody, extra-sensitive and difficult to be around.

One partner may feel that the other is spending too much money at a time when neither can afford it, or that they should be saving in case either of them loses their job.

Whilst the other partner may feel that they are being put under intense scrutiny for buying a more expensive brand. 

Although arguments are a common occurrence, some may say they are good for airing concerns and helping us to reach a compromise. Arguing instead of letting problems simmer and build into bigger issues may be more beneficial; although, on the other hand, bickering constantly with your partner may also be equally harmful to the relationship in the long run. Couples need to realise that there is a happy medium between airing concerns and bickering. Couples who work on their relationships will be able to realise when it is best to speak about issues that would have an impact on their relationship.

Arguments about money can quickly escalate into other issues if care and sensitivity is not applied. An argument over money and spending may lead to other arguments about other unimportant aspects in the relationship, and soon the couple with be faced with many more relationship problems as they begin to fight about any and everything. Therefore, being mindful of why and how we argue is crucial to maintaining happy and healthy relationships.

Kindness builds strong relationships

Kindness builds strong relationships

Are you kind to your partner?  When you get into an argument do you practice kindness or you try to prove you are right?  Do you constantly play the game I'm right and you are wrong?  How to be kind to your lover?

Kindness is one of the most important characteristics of every happy and successful relationship.  Couples who you see have a successful and fulfilling relationship nurture each other instead of proving each other wrong.  Showing compassion is part of them and it is a positive habit that they have ingrained in their personality. 

I often see couples have a hard time in their relationship due to the fact that they play "I'm right and you are wrong" game.  They start blaming each other instead of taking responsibility and practicing the art of kindness.

 As long as you stay blaming each other, your relationship will be rocky and if the blame stays constant, your relationship will get affected negatively.

Jennifer mentions that she learned to practice the art of kindness in her relationship from her partner John.  She goes on to mention that whenever she used to start blaming him for issues, he starts to be kind and compassionate to her and in return, she started doing the same. 

As I mentioned in my book, "How to win your lover's heart" that if you want to have a successful and happy relationship with you partner, then you have got to eliminate blaming the other individual and start being compassionate and polite. 

How to be kind to your partner

If your goal is to learn how to apply the concept "practice being kind rather than being right" in your life, follow the guide below:

1.  Put the argument behind you

Putting the problem or argument in the past is crucial if you want to avoid small, petty, and sometimes big arguments and problems in your relationship.  When you put the argument in the past, you are saying to yourself the argument is over and it is time to look for solutions.

You might ask how can you put the argument behind you in the past?  Glad you asked!  The way I do it is by focusing on the end results and how this problem is going to be affecting our relationship in a few days, a few months, and in the long run.  This small shift in my mentality has helped me tremendously to put the argument behind me in the past and focus on the solutions instead and in return made a huge positive impact in my relationship. 

2. Focus on your partner's love

After you put the argument in the past, you need to start focusing and reminding yourself of the love you two have for each other.  This will help strengthen your focus on the positive.  When you're focused on the positive and the good in your relationship, it will be easier for you to practice to be kind rather than being right.

3.  Say something kind

Now it is time to say something kind.  I have personally made it a habit to say something kind and positive on a daily basis.  The more kind and compassionate I'm, the more I get the same in return.

After you practice these three steps, you will start doing them unconsciously and you won't notice that you are actually following these powerful steps.  These 3 steps might be simple in nature, but powerful when they are applied in life and in your relationship.  However, first you have to practice to be able to get to that level.  Practice makes perfect

Is Your Relationship Complicated?


Have you watched the movie "It's complicated"? It's a fun movie in which its stars, Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, are as good as ever at their jobs. They play fascinating parts which are all too frequently experienced in modern daily lives.

When we watch a movie or read a novel we become absorbed in it; we identify with the characters and their situations. My imaginary world made a quantum leap backwards this week as I watched this film and then I immediately followed up this movie by winding back time to 1790, delving deeply into a Philippa Gregory novel. Inevitably all movies and novels are woven around relationships of one sort or another.

How close relationships have changed! But they are not necessarily any less complicated. One would like to think that things have got better for us, easier for us, over the years; inevitably, some relationships have, whilst others have not.

As we find a way to overcome one hurdle another appears. We certainly enjoy the availability of far more creature comforts and far more freedom of choice. But that very choice is what tends to complicate matters.

Alec Baldwin plays the part of the dad of grown up children who had an affair, married the other (younger) woman, and is now dealing with younger children once again. He is back facing the situation which he did not cope well with the first time round, and is still not rising to the challenge. Now, his ex-wife is looking more attractive to him than the emotional evolution required of him in coping with a young family; he is, once more, looking to opt out.

The ex-wife's part is a "classic" too; she has spent ten years bringing up the kids, focusing on them and her career, all of the while never quite getting over her ex. But as soon as they re-ignite their old fire, she comes to realize that he is no longer a good "fit" for her. He had not evolved; she had. But the key to setting her free from him emotionally was in having the opportunity to realize this first hand.

Until that moment she had evolved because she felt she had to. He had chosen to leave her. She had just coped in her own way, focusing on moving on without him, but never feeling that she had any choice in the matter. Once she could choose, she chose wisely. She was able to do so because she had grown as a person and had the confidence and self-belief to know that she could lead a good and fulfilling life without him.

Without confidence, can you make good choices? Or, are those choices even visible to you? Good relationships require evolution as a person and the ability and desire to grow in many ways emotionally. There are both good and bad times and everything poses its challenges. Whilst bad times can be very difficult, it is sadly the good times which far more people do not have the strength of character to cope with. There really can be "too much of a good thing".

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to build confidence and create good relationships.

P.S. Discover how easily you can focus your mind with hypnosis; Grab a free hypnosis mp3 from my website.


Relationship Counselling London

Relationship counselling London

We had allowed our careers to interfere with our personal lives, but thanks to you we have reassessed our priorities and are back to a healthy and loving relationship. Susan T, Camden

Overcome your relationship problems with REBT

Maintaining a healthy long-term relationship is often stressful and demanding. When there is a lack of compromise, conflicts may arise. Small problems often grow into larger issues and may lead to a deadlocked situation.

Because we understand how damaging a fractured relationship can be, we will treat you in a sympathetic and caring environment, using a non-judgemental manner to help you work towards a healthy and positive outcome.

Therapy commences with a pre-treatment comprehensive assessment during which we will learn of all the factors and influences that may have encouraged the relationship breakdown. Following on from this assessment a regular course of counselling sessions with either both or one partner present will lead the way for a positive reconcilliation.
Relationship counselling and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy is an effective treatment for resolving relationship conflicts. We are able to analyse the connections between thoughts, emotions and behaviours in order to remove the obstacles that prevent the development of a healthy relationship.
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Transforming a relationship into a soulmate relationship


I have given many talks on the topic of soulmates and the first question people typically ask me is, ‘what is a soulmate?’ My answer is that soulmates are two people who are deeply in love with each other and are happy together on all levels – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and sexually. But most importantly, soulmates are deeply committed to personal growth and support each other to reach this aim.

It is possible to transform your existing relationship into a soulmate relationship. The following case-study will show how to use higher-consciousness healing as explained in my book The Five-Minute Miracle to achieve this aim.

Kare (32 years) came to see me because she was very unhappy in the relationship with her husband. They argued almost every day, their sexual relationship was non-existent and they both considered divorce. When I took Kate’s case history she told me how her previous therapist had taught her to see the many ways she had been neglected by her parents. With tears in her eyes Kate reported that her father had never hugged her and that this was responsible for her current relationship problems. I explained to Kate that trying to make our parents responsible for our current problems is the fastest way to feel victimised and depressed while not solving anything at all.

I encouraged Kate to see her parents as well-meaning but fallible individuals just like herself. However, Kate remained doubtful. Then I talked to Kate about her husband and she said that he was generally a well-meaning man. Therefore, instead of going into the details of their squabbles I guided Kate into relaxation and helped her to receive a healing-symbol to overcome her resentments towards her husband. Kate received a red rose and I explained to her how she should visualise the rose in her heart and that the red-coloured light of the rose had a healing and loving quality that she should send to her husband.

When Kate came back after one week she told me that her relationship had improved but that she had had ‘arguments in her mind’ with me about the issue of not blaming her parents. However, she had known ‘deep in her heart’ that I was right. In that session I encouraged Kate to be more appreciative when her husband did something nice for her but also to insist that she had the same rights that he had.
Two weeks later Kate came back and told me that she hadn’t had a single argument with her husband since she had come to see me. This was an enormous improvement. Even better, she had been able to assert herself and had managed to negotiate a good compromise with him over their long-standing issue of her going out. What’s more, through practising her healing-symbol, a lot of love had arisen in her heart and she had fallen in love with him again and their sex-life had been rekindled. There was now a lot of good communication between the two and a willingness to work on problems rather than to argue about them. In other words, Kate’s difficult marriage had been transformed into a soulmate relationship. But did these improvements last?

I had the chance to speak to Kate a year later and she reported that all the improvements with her husband had remained stable and satisfying. Occasionally, when things had become difficult again she had returned to practising her healing-symbol which had quickly helped her to re-establish harmony.

Everybody can achieve similar healing in their relationships by following the simple self-help exercises outlined in Tara Springett’s books The Five-Minute Miracle and Soulmate Relationships.